Madrasah of Abdulkasim Sheikh

Abdulkasim Sheikh’s madrassah was founded in 16th century, at first it functioned as a complex, which included mosque, bathhouse and madrasah. The location place of the complex hitherto called Yangi Mahalla and considered as one of the public centers. Originally the Abdulkasim Sheikh Madrassah functioned as a single-storey construction. After rebuilding in 1864 there was added the second storey. The Madrasah owns its good-shaped entrance with arch. The arcades and two towers located at the corners flanked portal on either side. Till recently there was no another building, but new one was built Parliament’s building and it became the neighbor for madrassah. In comparison with modern constructions the historical building seems to be more attractive. The information about madrasah proportions: outward: 66 x 44 m., courtyard: 29 x 23 m.