This spiritual developing was once constructed below the course of widespread service provider of Khieva city Palvon Kary. Data exhibit that servicing issuer used to be no longer solely close Muhamad Rohim Khan II advisor, then again additionaly took an energetic segment in introduction concerning sturdy trade ties with Russian empire, Turky, so on. Essentialy for madresa money improvement, Palven Kariy earned himself constantlly growing his personal business. Central Asia tour will provide guaranteed, cognitive journey.

Madrassah erected at Kariev intersection, Polvn Korie streets japping Dishon Qola area, has larger than fifteen rooms, large minareet, iciness, summer season mosqeu. Mostly ornamental components you can find only by important entrance. For instance, higher medrasa portal space usd been embellished containing decoration made of green tiles. Grassy colour ussed be soon as additionally practiced adorning small nook turretss domes. Madrascah in shut proximity toward historic Saidbiy complex, consisting endless buildings:

  1. 2-storey madrasa;
  2. meneret;
  3. mosque;

Critical architecteral Paulvan Karis madrossas attribute is its distinction discerning all preceding non secular Khiva buldings inside thet interval, where beildings historically, drastically narrowed, because they have been upraised. In thise minarit strictly straight cylindrecal minnaret form could be observed, very perplexing towards lots investigators.

Today it not viable contemplate what triggered general project designer omiting away off everyday cannons. Some hypothese advise, such extensive shunning current tradetions passed regarding “early augmentations”, seemed within niniteenth, twentith centuries smash.