Ancient fortification located in the ancient Khorezm, which is today known as Karakalpakstan. Historians say with certainty that this locality was situated in the no less famous ancient settlement Toprak Kala. Anecdotal evidence suggest that the Kyzyl-Kala played an important defensive role in the overall structure of the settlement. From an architectural point of view, Kyzyl-Kala settlement – one of the last monuments of ancient Khorezm afrigidskoy pores.


The first historical research, allowed to rediscover this complex occurred in the distant 1938. Extensive national expedition possible to establish important facts related to the complex:

  • Fortification complex is small in size;
  • The building is characterized by a regular square shape;
  • All the building was surrounded by a wide fortified wall;
  • Four watchtowers provided security;
  • The main street is crossed exactly in the middle of the complex;
  • In the center was a temple adherents fire;
  • City part divided into many residential sectors
  • In conventional buildings no more than two rooms;
  • The whole complex is located in the middle of the plains.


Historic Kyzyl-Kala is one of the few surviving monuments belonging to the period of ancient Khorezm-afrigids Kushan period.