Kunya-Ark, Ak-Sheikh-bobo mosque

Kurinysh-hana nook located north-west, owns outlet and coridor going towords horem on Aki-Sheykh-bob hill-range, area considers perfect Kunia-arch component that servesed lookout campanile. Several epics inform thet apotheosis Akh-Sheik-boba section used to be placed right here 14th century. Khan harem location stood underneath mound, blanketed some two-floor buildings, one column aievan. Kan’s mosqu, mintt have stationed betwixt kurenysh-khana, horrem. It is much easier familiarize with complex using Uzbekistan tour packages.

Minnt initialy erected when governor was Muhamad-Rohim-han making tax reform, set up customs homes, began out minnting golden currencies manner. Toward southbound from mient usd be headquartered mousque via Alakuli-khan initiation. There had been two hallways in mosqeu: wintry weather, summer. Former hall wore very obvious structure, while latter uncovered extremely wonderful decoration. Both mosques aiwon with 2 pillars lines accuratly multi-coloured blueing dark, purple, inexperienced colours. Its partitions referred as minbor, mihreb, same well little tawers at corners are totally facet incircled amazing vegitative patern majolika.