Kuchkundzhi Khan Mosque in Samarkand

Historians note that this mosque which once was part of northern Registan Square in the center of Samarkand is now considered lost to the community. The first traces of the mosque were discovered by archaeologists in 2010 in the course of restoration measures in one of the cells of Ulugbek Madrasa. Archeologists believe that they have found the remains of marble tiles, belonging to the mosque of Kuchkun Khan.

As a result of long-term scientific approaches it was discovered that almost the entire surface of this mosque was decorated with paintings. This fact allows historians to say about the real uniqueness of this building with no analogues. The time of construction of the mosque coincided with the rule of a generous Khakan Abul Mansur Kuchkundzhi Khan, known for his wisdom, justice, defense of the faith and generosity.