Kok Gumbaz Mosque

This mosqeu, which building started out below Mirzo Ulugbek Kuragan orders, is the principal element of famous architectural complicated Dartut Tilavat. Total region of sacred bulding, which shape resembles an ideal square, 12.50 meters X 13 metrs. Mosque’s upper phaserepresented as dome, mounted inside cube. There were many sanctified inscriptions upon inner domme side. Each four mousqe part ssurrounded by way a kind recession, depth levels 4.4 to 4.6 metters. Long-term scriptions studies of given compound have proven that evry sort of religious inscripts surely belonged to cultural epoch. For example, passages from Holy Quran are discovered on mosqui portal. Basic moscque indoors has plenties repetitive sentences, painted yellow on blue background. Unique possibility of designated facts accessible thru Uzbekistan tour agency, by using contacting company at once you can book participation in most cases fascinating trips.