Gur-e Amir mausoleum


Samarkand cutting-edge great Temurids state capital at Grand Amir Temur. Ghur-Emir Mausolem was built within the period of greatest city prosperity. Shrine composition differs monumentality, dome height 12.5 meters, base diameter 15 meter. Masterly patterns are made by Samarkend master Muhammad-ibn-Mahmoud Isfahani, charnel structure sustained in traditional scheme. Green Onyx high panel due time was covered with ornamental painting. Ensemble interior amazing. If you’d like observe more, contact Uzbekistan tour agency joining unforgetable trip.

Monument of new stylistic direction is Guur-emir. Samerkand became symbol of contemporary empire. Conurbation architecture performed so spectacular that it could be recognized as sure answer to European capitals call. Tomb would become last haven of superlative Timur: on Chinese campaign eve ruler died and buried in Guer-emir, where ashes of his spiritual mentor, Seyida Berke, were subsequently moved. Gur-Emier finally completed during Mirzo Ulughbek reigning. Mousoleum will remain forever filling world history, staying ingenious arcitecture memorial.