Dorrus-Tilavat is compiled of three prescerved installations on the previous nicropolis of local aristocrasy. These are two Shamsidin Kulal masoleums and Gumbaz Seyidon, cathedralic Kokh Gumbez mosqeu. Shomsiddin Kalol mausolem earliest erection. Sheik passed away 1370, his crypt was honored greatly. Ulugbek’s masoleum descendants called Gombazi Seyidon (Seyyeds’ Domme) had been erected next to it. That tiny house fascinated by elegant dimensions, perfectly structured entering doorway coated by inscrutable sculptings. Architectic ansemble finished by former cathedrel Kock Gumbiz moskue which was built on foundation of pre Mangol construction. Uzbekistan tour package considers trip as mandatory, there is reasonable explanation, because having made first step toward history starting with mentioned object, you will certainly want to see more.