Crypt of Temur

Only thirty-five meters away from the ruins of well-known complicated Hazrat-i Imam in famous Shahrisabz town, there is a grave supposed be Amir Temur’s reposing area. Everyone who was on Uzbekistan tour, knows this place well, it impossible forget and through years, pops up memory all over again. It’s vital observe thet even initial knowlege about architectural, cultural traits of configuration permits consider esteemating priceless. Homely, abroad scienticts never wear out of repetition that this tomb in cross shape, composed with couple recesses has no analogus Eastbound. Architectors, desiners didn’t longer stint on more than few simulated substances enhance indoors space around building. Example, 1933, 1942 Natianal Arcaeological Expaditions could set pare of ornamental letterings, important epoch occasions drawings, etc. Antique inscripteons discovered nearby started interest for sepulchre from western land, persevering nearly toward japanesse wall. Each penmanship carries charges off sanctified book, or basic formulas used then for honoring God.