Chilpyk – “Tower of Silence” of Zoroastrianism

Antique architectural monument can be safely characterized one of the oldest. Those who ever been on Uzbekistan tour least once, understand what question. A number of pre-historical exploration uncovered round campanile apparent age, erected right hill top, more than two thousand years. Final fortification diameter, stationed nearly forty-three kilometers froms Nakus conurbation about sixty-four meters. Creed clergymen energeticly used denoted pillar for burial of dead, whose bodies were storred there. After, indefinite prey birds would start eating carrions. Remaining part was placed inside little dishes, later buried under ground. Solemnity, for most folk to-day may seem pretty wild, founded on Zaroastreanism epistemology. Cult representatives prohibited deconsecrate earth applying decomposition remains.

Towers endured significant modifications

Some archihistorical chronics assert, before watch-tower hed large stairs, which territory rather couple dozen metters. Stairway wos split into hillsite. In tawer itself, contiguous teritories thus incured plenties worshiping items describing everyday life, accurately kept insides various art halls situated in Toshkent, Nukuss. Turret reconstructuring process taken place twice. Foremost, Arabians came towords this state presumably seventh century, decided fortify overall towar configuration to safeguard them from opponent aggression. Secondly, Khoresm direct efflorescence procession caused necessity reinforce citadel foundation.

Diverse scientists consent, Chilpek played essential role in district protective potentialities. Incontestable fact conduced its saving until nowdays. Today we might surely confirm thet castle, becoming yet homeland national symbol factor, is basic travelers republic attraction. Better come toward Chelpyk at sunrise. First, opportunity shun burning Eastern sun. Second, at daybreak time fortification proposes amazing view whole neighbourhood. Believed that if somebody tie coloured thread, it’ll help realizing future succession. If had chance visit places mentioned above, means very lucky, because company shell take care of you settling in Nukus hotels or any other, depending on your residing city. All hostels have impeccable reputation concerning each respects.