aktepa1 - Aktepa

Not every monument can be proud of the attention of almost all the country’s archaeological minds for many years. “The White Hill” – so translates the name of the hill – for the first time attracted the attention of specialists in the distant 1948.


A detailed study of the site began with the discovery of ancient small change coins of Chach, kept in peace for many centuries among the ruins of the settlement Aktepa. It is believed that this fort was the highest point in Tashkent. Simply climb the hill Aktepa to be able to survey the whole Tashkent.


Many tourists, who enjoy such magnificent views, do not know that here in the fifth century there was a massive watchtower fortress. Fortification was intended to preserve the peace of its inhabitants. Historical documents tell that it started its function a tower from the fifth to the eighth centuries AD.


Numerous discoveries have helped scientists to identify the remains of the temple of adherents of fire. All this has led scientists to the speculation that Zoroastrians began to spread the message across the country from here. In favor of this version are the numerous scripts in the sacred fook of adepts of fire, which is called the “Avesta”.