The Museum of cinema of Uzbekistan


The first picture show, which was held in Tashkent, was recorded in the eighteenth century. It was Hudoybergan Devaney, who picked up the idea of ​​documentary film and continued it. He was so obsessed with the “cinema” that at his own expense bought a film camera, with the help of which shared with other fellow countrymen charms of architectural sights of Khiva. It was a breakthrough, because today, the archive of the museum of cinema has more than 40 thousand units, through which the development of identity, culture in Uzbekistan can be completely monitored. Hudoybergan Devaney became the most famous person in the cinematography, whose picture where he is depicted with the same film camera, which became legendary, can be seen at the entrance to the museum. Thanks to the idea Hudoyberganov, hundreds of people have brought donations, which eventually helped build the archive.


Famous Uzbek artist Ruzi Charyev also made an invaluable contribution to its development, calling on his friends to donate to the museum paintings, written in the genre cinema art. It was truly a great gift, because almost all the artists supported Ruzi, and he wrote a unique portrait, in which he gathered all the figures of cinema.


Artist Bobur Ismailov painted motion picture cameras and lighting devices, with which filmmakers worked. Here there are unique, exclusive and one-of-a-kind photos, which show step- by -step stages of development of cinema. Bobur also created an image of a film, which encircles all the show windows in a flowery way.


But a section of silent film is interesting for any visitor. On the big screen a silent movie “A second wife” is constantly reproduced. There is also a separate stand of documentary films, the exhibition of which presents the works of famous Uzbek directors.


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