Tashkent House of Photography

The famous Tashkent House of Photography is located in the heart of Tashkent city on Istiqlol Street, 4. Unique in its beauty, this architectural monument, created by K.Babiev, A.Petelin and W. Rozwadowski, was built in the last century.


The style of medieval architecture, which was used for the idea of ​​the facade, as well as its exquisite patterned part, gives the building a truly unique look. A team of skillful craftsmen worked on the carved doors that lead into the portal. A spacious exhibition area, a total length of which one and a half thousand meters opens before the eyes of visitor,. All premises, on the idea of the ​​architects were moved upstairs so that visitors of the house fell under the impression of magnificence of works submitted by a variety of photographers.


History of the exhibitions began with the famous Uzbek painters and artists. The earthquake that happened in the sixties of the last century brought a lot of destruction. It was decided to fundamentally strengthen the foundation and walls of the building in order to maintain architectural monument for future generations. Each year at least 50 exhibitions of different directions were held. At the end of the last century the Board of management acquired the status of House of Photography, and at the beginning of this century it celebrated its official birthday.


The building serves as the home for a variety of events: symposia, exhibitions, festivals, training and educational activities. Soon a studio-school of photographic art was opened here, in which professionals from other countries like Germany, France and Romania hold master classes.


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