State Music Conservatory is located on Abay Street, close to the metro station Pakhtakor. The building is divided into four sections: a small hall, a large hall, a chamber and an Organ Hall. In each of them one can listen to completely different types of music.


Talented musicians, along with contemporary compositions, revive the old melodies that have become true classics of many eras. The doors of the conservatory are always open for organizing music tours from other countries. One of the regular guests is the famous trio from France, called the “Silver Flute.” Spivakov musicians, Moscow virtuosos, constantly visit the conservatory. The Kremerat orchestra, as well as guests from abroad, is often present on the stage of the conservatory.


Within the walls of the building, you can hear jazz music, performance of student groups, symphonic works, sounds of drums, traditional music of Uzbekistan and string melodies. The National Symphony Orchestra, the glory of the country in foreign countries collects full house. Not less popular are the orchestral team called Soloists of Uzbekistan. The performances of the orchestra (symphonic and chamber) “Turkiston”, as well as the orchestra of traditional instruments of the country on the basis of the existing Uzbek State TV and Radio Company are also in a permanent repertoire plan of the conservatory .


Throughout its work, the Conservatory has been one of the main initiators of the international festival of symphonic music Ilkhom XX, being also a major patron of the cultural events. Foreign musicians constantly work on the basis of the Conservatory. Also representatives of foreign countries are invited to such events. Contact phone numbers: (99 871) 244 23 35, 244 95 09 or (99 897) 459 39 73.