Музей мира и солидарности, в Самарканде

Музей мира и солидарности, в Самарканде_01While being on Samarkand tour, walk down Jomiy Street fifty-six. Almost thirty years ago, during a symbolic period, international Year of Peacefulness – Reconciliation and Consensus gallery was built. Its significance is frankly tremendous, unfortunately, for today’s mankind war has become habitual occurrence, compared to ancient times, when wars were rare, somewhat exceptional events.

Any war losses are irreparable. That’s why wide variety societies’re opening up all over universe, urging folks remember how wonderful it’s to live under peaceful sky, saving lives for children, elderly, family certainly native relatives. Samarkend depository considered such incomparable athenaeum, whitch there are only fourty-six museums around world. Basic idea’s solve problems not through military action, but throughout diplomatic methods leading toward appeasement settlement.

Repository’s exhibition’s aimed at developing unity sense between humans from absolutely divergent commonwealths. More’an hundred federations have accumulateed more than twenty thousand copies of great value. Visitors can see capsules with ground, bloodied, always tearful, Stalingrad blockaders sorrows, well as millions human-beings killed in Auschwitz camp walls. Here you could find bombs fragments that took innocent victims soules, Berlin Wall part, however, in each presented pain, likewise people’s suffering, who did not need these cruel, bloody wars, collected.

Every repository piece’s living history piece, it is memory that should not be erased with time. It impossible not to note another important archives item – Globe project autographs, which contains photographs, stories, countless signatures of those human who’ve played major role in relations among different nationalities development. Record office itself has also been awarded unprecedented title, because mission that performed by his staff including ascetics truly priceless. Hurry buy tickets via Uzbekistan travel agency.