First mention of this state gallery dates back to one thousand eight hundred and ninety-six. Attention from government, philanthropists, likewise simple citizens allowed this depository significantly replenish its assortment for many existence years. As Uzbekistan tour operators say, countless elements in museum’s collections, represent a huge chronicled, moreover cultural value. Modern archconservative exhibits archive’s divided into five thematic halls representing divergent life aspects in the commonwealth:

Chronicle department;
Fine Arts subdivision;
Palaeontological section;
Performance, fund subsection;
Prehistorical, numismatic, visual & marketing compartment.


Exhibition is constantly being updated

Nowadays, phenomenal museum lets find numerous artifacts that allow us draw conclusions concerning our ancestors way:

Bronze Age jewellery;
Substantial assemblage of various antique coins;
zoroastrian ossuaries;
Enormous collection of ancient ceramic, glass, metal products;
Cult bowls made off silver;
Several tens thousands national costumes designs;
Lots vintage carpets;
Chasing knives;
Eighth century worship items;

More than one tousand paintings belonging to famous Uzbek eclectic eras artists.


Since its founding, chronology-museum has been open to public in Registan Square, but approximatly 2010, authorities countries have decided move it toward street Ulugbek. Mentioned room’s been closed for almost four years for repairs, nevertheless, in September 2014, sovereignty residents and visitors were able cross its threshold again. Information about Samarkand travel tickets acquisition can be found on our website.