Ceramic crafts represent tremendous pride and fame directions in Rishtan city, located within Fergana Valley. Alesher Nazirov considered most prominent porcelains professionals, who at one time was trained by great artisans. His main focus’s that Alishir with perseverance recreated drawings that archaeologists found during excavations times, exactly transferring them onto stonewares.

Allisher gained a lot experience while his visit toward Japan. It had been there wherein he met legendary earthenwares grandmaster Isokichi Asakura, who’s one of teachers at Kutania academy. Under Japanesse artificer guidance, Alisheer created eighty works, each of which was unique, one-of-a-kind drawing, working in the workplace from morning until late night. Uzbekistan tour agency gives you an opportunity become familiarized with this incredible proficiency.

Later, several major Japenese conurbations witnessed Aleshir Nozirov demonstrations, who was permanent participant around world ceramic-exhibitions. In Uzbekiston, remarkable handicrafters work is given special place, its productions are kept inside Art-gallery priceless collections. In addition, anyone can get revealed with Nozirov’s creations in other megalopolises – in Moscow Art-Museum, St. Petersburg Ethnography Museum, Japanise Porcelainwares Art-hall.

Being truly extraordinary professional, Alishier Nazyrov opened his schoolhouse Usto-Shogird, where absolutely everyone could obtain training if he desired. It is worth noting that Alisher’s students were able achieve no less results – Usto’s art transferred to them (named after grandmasters, from whom Alisheir Nazierov himself studied) constantly brings recognized awards, because apprenticeships’re participants in often held decorative and applied artistry performances.