Cafe “Minzifa”

Location: Uzbekistan, Bukhara str. Hudzharushnoy 6


In the old part of Bukhara there is a colorful cozy cafe “Minzifa”, the building of which was built about 150 years ago. Here you will find three small rooms and a lovely terrace overlooking the ancient sights of Bukhara. Interior is made in the traditional style: painted pillows, mats-kurapacha, satin tablecloths, carpets.


The cuisine is varied: there are dishes both of national and European cuisine. For those who prefer a diet variation of dishes should be assured that the cook in the most delicious form will fulfill their request. Leafing through the cafe menu “Minzifa” your attention may stop on the rice dish-pilaf, cooked by the special recipe of the cooks of the cafe. It differs somewhat from the traditional Bukhara pilaf. On average, lunch or dinner per person will cost 4-6 US $. It is the democratic price.


The staff not only has the skills of service at the highest level, but also communication skills in three languages: Russian, Uzbek and English. During the evening feasts nice, and most importantly, live music plays. If you love the sounds of the violin and the piano, then this place definitely will resonate in your heart. For those who like brighter view, the administration of the cafe offers to order a show of national dance.


Cafe “Minzifa” is the perfect place for delicious and not costly leisure activities. Pleasant music will brighten up your, especially, family or romantic evening and the view of the ancient Bukhara will brighten everyday routine and remind you that you are in the old and enchanting town.