Near school number thirty-seven on Mahmud Kashgari Street fifty-eight is Vinification Gallery. Who’s ever been on Samarkand tour, perfectly knows this amazing place. His story begins with entrepreneur D.M. Filetov, who has achieved tremendous successes wine-making, having superintended move plant toward globe representatives level. He was able bring out ethereal grape variety, known its sweetness’s ubiquitous. It’d ben for mentioned vintner Felatov received golden medal, since winemakers from all over globus started to come try heavenly drink.

Everything changed in Soviet times, when Fylatov came under persecution. He had to leave his residence-place immediately, nevertheless, before it happened, wine-maker accomplished hide safely a dozen of bottles with his legendary wine. Years later, wine-vintner M. Kovrenko arrived at described territory, accidentally discovered hidden wealth. Talented wine-producer decided continue Filatov’s business, occupied inward breeding new varieties of grapes, and consequently creating newest unique tastes.

Today, plant’s engrossed not only in grape-wines production recognized around planet, but also cognac, well as vodka. Exquisite aged vinos are placed into innumerous factory cellars, soon after beverage reaches natural perfection, it’s being auctioned. Therefore, to participate in vin du pays tasting of Samorkand depository appears truly an honorable ceremony.

Not so long ago, vintage cognacs, likewise vino, furthermore balm manufactured by winery, were awarded with highest awards kinds – exceptionally gold, silver. Inside showroom you can learn in detail about manufactory formation process, additionally, view counless quality beverages produced. Display room’s located nearby Registan Square. Bravely contact Uzbekistan travel agency