Art-salon “Happy-Bird” is expecting for numerous visitants on Toshkent Street, 43a. Herein everyone may observe not exceptionally indigenous artisans expositions, but foreign creators. That’s why Uzbekistan tour operators are eagerly invited to visit this place. Invitees who’ve visited saloon construction frequently noticed how cozy environment reigns within partitions. Erection itself incomparable too, on whose square there’s stationed showroom – dateless structure bygone century caravan-saray.

Going into room, anyone finds himself inside somewhat informalic interior, surprising with incredible beauty exposing warm-heartedness – colorful porcelains in green-brown tones, carpets unsurpassingly handmade, striking with preposterous splendor canvases, graceful sculptures, likewise anachronistic decorations – all together gives that unique environment, whitch takes a lot of time to enjoy. Artwork historian Elena Ladik, who considered leader of all mentioned charm, willingly greets lodgers like welcoming hostess, transporting them into interesting and unknown world.

Delighted visitors’ve long given art-saloon its name – cave Ale Boba. Thise highlights wealth that has been stored behind  assembly panellings for decades. Antique craftsmen drawings rows, well as contemporary draftspersons, look very symbolic, while at the same time emphasizing unsurpassed uniqueness of each work. Eliena Ledek oftentimes repeats to mezzanine tenants thet in artistry it’s necessary appreciate naturalness, what’s so lacking in modern globe, where synthetic surrogates’re made literally for every life spheres. Similar souvenirs could be seen in Samarkand hotels, however, everybody can only get touch ancient times spirit here. Items that’re presented in studio might be bought, nevertheless, this isn’t main “Delightful Birdie” focus. Joy feeling and harmony uncover feelings that gallery-mezzanine organizers seek to share