Samarkand’s its individual incomparable treasure art trove – famous creative studio, Art-showroom “Aysel”. Samarkand tour operators always set a goal to inspire anyone get acquainted with it. It all began with small art-balustrade Alfiya, which was gathering in its walls are Samarcand artists who have determined themselves significant aim – constantly promote applied & decorative Uzbek masters art.

Nowadays, this atelier brings together Arts Academy members, striking visitors with valuable artworks variety that’s been carefully assembled amidst artistry display room partitions for years. Here everyone can see craft items transferred from generation to another, beautiful sculptures, reproductions, incredible photographs, whose price is compared with numerous Moscow and Paris exhibitions masterpieces.

However, atelier-studio possesses its personal special zest – national silk fabrics processing. This case has received lot attention, accordingly, result’s completely inimitable tissues that are authored, decorated, properly combined with ancient methods help, well as using modern technology. It’s within Aysiel panellings talented fashion designers, skilful artists’re being created by truly unprecedented things that unparalleled across country. Through ongoing work, ethnic compilations that’re shown not only at local shows, but also abroad. Designed models have won such success, that throughout caring Samorkand people in General tendency Theatre was built, where with enviable constancy newest assortments screenings take place. By instilling in ordinary brand style new notes, ethno-direction quickly became popular among European couturier – contemporarily, embroidery use, squishy, various prints has become one of fashionable secular trends. If you’re enough far away, apply Uzbekistan Airlines, this company will help you attend unforgettable displays of amazing fashion-collections.