Taking Samarkand tour tickets, take a walk along Griboyedov Street twenty, there’s netting manufactory Aisha, which is famous because producing compounds off naturalic fiber fabrics. Under skilful Valintina Romanenko guidance, visitors will discover Samorkand Silk Road creations, unparalleled, as they’re made particularly by hand. By the way, after folklore show, everyone can buy models he likes paying certain price.

Productions variety presented here very large, together with modern works embellished with handmade embroidery, inside workplace everybody could see firsthand old outfits, traditional Uzbek suzanne, ensembles manufactured of silk-fabrics both for evening walks, likewise business office meetings. Herein, anyone may purposefully find shirts, in whitch production ancient methods were involved. Entire vital Samarkend beauty, its splendor, grandeur vividly conveyed within peoples patterns living there.

Undoubtedly, few people’ll stay indifferent watching elegant clothings, created on oriental sketches basis and directions.  Garments decorated with lace also popular – hereabouts anybody able explore not only truly unique evenings offers, but supplementarily original handbags, daily backpacks, simultaneously for fashionable ladies invited to get know all kinds of mobile phone cases, well as hats magnificence. Exceptionally organic fabrications dyes’re used for preparations. Work done in accordance with national technologies never ceases to amaze leading fashionistas from all over globe. We should visit mentioned wonderful world exclusively by prior agreement, Uzbekistan travel agency would help you acquire this.