Located in the very center, on Nodirabegim Street, 32, the Paradise corner restaurant is one of those for many visitors, as it is the place where the best show program is held. Exquisite halls, furnished with incredible comfort, are complemented by cozy loggias, stretched on the circle of the second floor for a more convenient viewing of a variety of shows. Often their center is 10 professional dancers, who ideally sharpened the skills and subtleties of Oriental, Russian, national, Indian, Iranian and even incendiary Spanish dances with castanets. The same can be said about musicians – European, Iranian and national songs will necessarily add the appropriate color, setting the tone for the proceeding evening. But for every group of guests – whether it’s a small company or a large team, the organizers of the holiday have a separate entertainment program.

Kitchen – that’s about it you can talk endlessly. The extensive menu contains only the most delicious dishes, which are always served in festive decor. And you can eat them not only in the evenings – in the summer until 17 and in the winter until 18 pm there are 20-percent discounts. As for those who have a card in their hands City of discounts. However, this is far from all surprises for visitors. The order is executed in only half an hour, how difficult it would not be. At the same time a very small percentage of the service is taken from guests.

The restaurant’s wine list is a separate theme. Here you can find the most refined wines with great endurance and truly unforgettable taste – Aleatica, Muscat, Esmeralda – the waiters will certainly advise you the drink that is most in harmony with the ordered dishes. In the Paradise corner you can find everything – southern hospitality, oriental exotics, Russian generosity.