On Pushkin Street, 2 the restaurant Platan waits for its visitors. This is a unique place with an equally unique atmosphere that creates complete harmony, as well as a truly ideal atmosphere. Exquisitely selected compositions of natural stone and wood are skillfully emphasized by a chic waterfall, arranged in the main hall.

Lovers and connoisseurs of natural beauty can visit the winter garden, enjoying the noise of falling water, or the skillful play of professional saxophonists and playing the piano. Any gourmand will find here a dish to his taste – this and excellent shish kebabs, and meat dishes, national, European and vegetarian cuisine.

Seafood dishes, as well as the main dishes of the restaurant – Aydar-balik, chalope, kifta-shurpa, cream soups are especially attractive. Two halls, furnished with incredible comfort, will accommodate a large number of guests, which means that you can not only sit with your family, friends, colleagues, but also conduct a grand enchanting celebration, which, moreover, will beautifully decorate the national dance show, which can be ordered right during the celebration.

In a small hall there are no places for smokers, but in large visitors offer to try the magic taste of a hookah, choosing at will any flavor. In Platan you can start your morning deliciously by ordering a light, or on the contrary – a hearty and nutritious breakfast, because already at 10.00 am the friendly waiters are ready to serve everyone who enters the restaurant doors. But you can sit here until one o’clock in the morning, quietly enjoying the rest, or dancing to the fiery music. Favorite by many jazz, as well as lyrical notes of the violin will not leave indifferent romanticists, setting the appropriate tone for a certain mood.