Museum of Public Health named after. K.S.Zairov

In Mirabad district,on Istiklol Street, 30 there is well-known Tashkent Museum of Health. Its founder was professor M.Ya.Yarovinsky. The first thing you see as you enter the museum is the bust of the medieval Persian philosopher, physician, scientist Abu Ali Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna), who was recognized as a great healer.


Unique are the walls of the museum, on which you can see reproductions of Oriental miniatures, each of which tells visitors about one of the most important topics of hygiene and medicine. For example, one of the miniatures tells about the bath – hammom known for its healing powers. Here are also the lessons of the physician Ibn Sina (also known as the father of the doctors of the planet), admired by Michelangelo himself.


In the main halls hygiene rules and the history of medicine are presented in the pictures. They are truly unique reproductions. While considering them, all the way of the development of medicine from the appearance of the first drugs to the methods of modern treatment can be vividly imagined. Also, clearly described is the importance cleanliness, which was the main aspect in ancient times, that served as a cause of early mortality and the spread of horrendous diseases carrying death.


There is also a department here that informs about the prevention of spreading of infectious diseases. In spite of the perfection of medicine today, people still often get infected from each other by various infections. But of the biggest interest in the health museum is a glass man, of which there are only 5 all over the world. This is a model of a man in full growth. All organs are reproduced with amazing precision. Besides, when studying the model alternated backlight of internal organs can also be used. However, you can look at this miracle only by prior arrangement.


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