Central Exhibition Hall metropolitan exposition arena Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

Since 1974, a few steps from the Central Department Store in the center of the city began operating the Central Exhibition Hall, which is the opening day of the Uzbek Art Academy.There is a two-storey exhibit space, a gift shop and restaurant “Dune”.


The facade of the building as it reflects his creative essence and purpose. National decor and arched openings are reminiscent of local cultural traditions, transmitted from master to master long madrassa. Bi-color exhibition hall connects the first and second floor, and the windows in the ceiling create an illusion of open space and give additional natural light.


Paintings of famous masters of the republic side by side with the works of emerging artists and introduced new milestones in the traditional fine arts.


In the adjacent park you can meet with sculptures created by our contemporaries, and in the summer there are periodically expose and paintings.


The National Academy arranges annually are a variety of cultural activities to preserve and develop the traditional arts and crafts and painting. The last notable cultural event of the city life was Tashkent International Biennale, conducted also in the territory of the Exhibition Hall in October 2011.