Blue ceramics of Rishtan in the workshop of Rustam Usmanov

Like many years ago, today ceramics of the city of Rishtan, which is located in the beautiful Fergana valley, is painted manually. The town itself is the oldest center of ceramic art, with its unique technology. A special feature of it is not only the creation of forms, but also of colors, which is striking in its depth and natural colors.


Rishtan pottery is created in the following order: on the milk-white background, the painting, executed in turquoise, brown and dark blue colors is mainly scattered in different directions. Then the masters prepare famous oxide glaze from the ashes of plants and any pottery which it is applied to gets a unique soft glow.


The painting on the pottery is striking in its versatility. Drawn by hands of skillful masters, it transmits all the richness of this unique region. The trees and the flowers look like live ones, fruits beckon their richness and ripeness, and utensils appear separate works of art. Each picture transmits not only the fullness of created forms, but also the love with which a fine brush masters invests mentality and life in each line.


Master Rustam Usmanov spent many years studying the art of ceramics, using old books and studying museum collections. His works have won a special place in the applied arts of Uzbekistan. The strength of will and love for his work helped him to convey his knowledge to his student and nephew, Elnur Murzakaev, who quickly became an independent creator. Rustam’s children with the same wish absorb their father’s craft. Their creative works can be easily distinguished from others, as they are filled with children’s sincerity and a completely different vision of all that is beautiful.


The Usmanovs have their own museum in which they keep creative masterpieces famous throughout the Uzbek Land and dear to their hearts.