Art-café “Bravo”

Art-café is the place of gathering of not only fans of chatting and eating, but also an art corner for creative circles. The Art-café has taken this title already during the first years of its operation and constantly attracts not only the creative elite and the youth but also many tourists. The fame of this place has spread far beyond the territory of Modern Uzbekistan. Frequently, a person who drops in this place for the first time for a cup of coffee finds himself in a mini exposition, an installation or a presentation which are held not only by the artists and art critics from Fergana but also from the guests from Europe and Russia.


The interior is decorated in an appropriate style: reproductions of famous paintings, small sculptures and wooden furniture-all are in a required color. The cuisine is quite varied. You can choose dishes among European, Russian or traditional national cuisines.


Today “Bravo” is the only representative of art-cafes in Fergana. At week-ends here plays live music and in summer the whole orchestra. Everything is done with a great taste for people who appreciate everything unusual. The visitor gets homely atmosphere, diverse specter of dishes and unique entourage only for 5-10 US dollars.


Art-café “Bravo” is a unique island of a European art, where it is necessary to drop in. Art is art in itself, but it doesn’t overshadow the taste of dishes here.