Yurta camp in Jety-Oguz valley.

Юртовый лагерь Киргизия

Юрты в Киргизии

This camp located in Jety-Ogyz gorge which is forty kilometers away from Karakul. Shepherds moved here since ancient times, as such high mountain area at 2200 meters altitude was well suited for pasture. Local people know various folk stories about Broken Heart and Seven Bulls red rocks, which gave this region name.

Tourists from travel tour Kirghistan will be able to find out something interesting about nomadic people lifestyle, breath fresh mountain air, enjoy that picturesque landscape and birds singing.


The camping has ten yurts for travelers and two dining ones. You will find carpets on the floor as well as stove inside each one. Modern toilets either warm shower is available.

Season starts from July until September.

Housing with beds either meal for four persons per yurt provided.