Туры в Киргизию. Отных на Иссык куле

Many charming places you can visit while traveling in Kyrgyzstan.
For example, the waterfall “Maiden Tears”, let us consider its charms. You can see the waterfall not far from the gorge of Jeeti Oguz, it is within 30 km, if you are directed to the eastern part of the Lake Issyk-Kul. The waterfall attracts tourists primarily with pure crystal water. It is better to start traveling from the city of Karakul, which is the administrative center of the Issykul region. The height of the waterfall “Maiden’s Tears” is fifty meters, the altitude above sea level is 2400 meters. In autumn and spring, when it rains all the time, it is better to postpone your trip to the waterfall, as the way goes along narrow trails, which get washed away quickly. According to a legend, unmarried girls who wash in this waterfall, soon, will be lucky enough to find their family happiness.



Туры в Киргизию.Отдых. Путешествия. _03Mountain Lake “Sacred”

This lake is situated in the mountains in the northern part of the Republic Kirghistan. Tourists are eager to see the “Sacred” lake because of the beauty of its surrounding nature. Nearby is the Semenovsky Gorge and the largest lake in Kirghistan, Issyk-Kul. However, the “Sacred” lake is located far closer to the border of Kazakhstan. The mountains in which this water source is located are called Kungei Ala-too. This is the northern part of the Tien Shan. Tourists come here in summer. Local population establishes their yurts near the lake, where you can enjoy tasting national meals of the Kirghiz people, such as Mants, Beshbarmak, Laghman, and to have some delicious koumiss. It is possible to order a horse trek upon Semenovsky Gorge. So feel free to postpone your business and join with Kyrgyzstan tours.

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