Туры в Киргизию. Иссык куль

It is the most enormous lake of the state, which is a part of the biggest water reservoirs of the universe. Kyrgyzstan traveling agency will help you get acquainted with all the tours to this astounding place.  The location of the lake Issik-Kul is in northeast of Kyrgyzstan, between the ridges of the Tien Shan mountains. Its height is 1609 meters above the level of the sea.

In Kyrgyz language the combination of the words “Issik-Kul” interpreted as a hot lake. And that because of warm water in it, that does not get frozen even in the coldest winters. All this due to the fact that the lake’s water is saline. And during the summer the contents of the water reservoir get well warmed up and do not let the ice form in winter time.

The dimension of Issik-Kul is considerable, its total area is 6236 square kilometers. The depth in some of its places can exceed seven hundred meters. In accordance with transparence and clearness of the water the lake Issik-Kul is taking a leading place in the world past Baykal. For comparison, it is possible to cite many different examples that this lake is in no way inferior, but also surpasses many ponds. Especially in the quantity of people who are eager to rest here.

Many tourists are rushing to visit Kyrgyzstan because of its unique lough. In particular, the region attracts by its undeveloped nature, wonderful scenery and pure air. All this can be combined with the worthy conditions of the accommodation. Hotels in Bishkek and other cities of the republic allow to rest in Kyrgyzstan most comfortably.