The Five Biggest Cities in Kyrgyzstan


This capital city has the amazing view on the mountains and is the largest city in republic. Marble buildings, banks, markets and wide avenues can be seen throughout the city to Kyrgyzstan group tours. The city has high pollution level because of the cars and plants, working in the city’s outskirts. Travelers can do shipping in big malls and small shops, selling traditional handmade and manufactured products including felt carpets, jewelry, paintings, embroidery and ceramics.



This city is the second large in a valley and oldest in republic. The old city, anticipated 3000 years old is executive center of region and habitation of multinational people. Different ethnic groups, including Russians, Tajiks and Uzbeks live together in this old city with ancient history.



This city is economic and executive center of the region with the same name. The city is near the border with neighboring country Uzbekistan. The city has some sanitariums with mineral water, useful for medical treatment of people with chronic illnesses. Tourists will be able to see amazing gardens with walnut trees and to taste the best walnuts in region.



This city near the lake is the forth biggest in republic executive center of Province. The city is attractive for tourists with mountains, suitable for trekking and skiing and, in addition, travelers can see some museums, mosque, zoo and Cathedral.




This city is fifth big in republic with an altitude more than 800 meters. The city is executive center of province Chu near the border with neighboring country and river with the same name.



This city is the capital of small district near the mountain slop. Local people are friendly and hospitable to travelers but they hardly speak foreign languages.





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