A relatively small town, located just fifty-four kilometers off Osh. Those who actively participate according planned Kyrgyzstan travel packages are well aware of given attraction. It known not only within the commonwealth, but also far beyond its borders, is historical tourism-center. An ancient settlement built on picturesque Karadarya River bank. Described city supplementarily associated with one very interesting geographical feature. Despite fact, Uzgin administratively related Kyrgizstan, little half of it situated round Fergana Valley, owned by Uzbekistan. Obvious result, nearly eighty-nine percent locals turned ethnic Uzbeks.

Speaking about ethnical component, should appear stated, many peoples nationalities live peacefully in Uzgan. For example, Russians, Kyrgyz, making up 1% – 8% population respectively, had always lived sharing harmony. Conurbation’s got approximatly 50 thousand registered residents.

Burgh economic integrant based solely on harvesting, likewise crops processing. Across immediate Uzgen-city vicinity, there’re mouch than couple dozen modern companies producing environmentally friendly food products.


Township origin history

Numerous ethnographic, archaeological expeditions wer able establish, first metropolis mentioning dates back to second century Before Christ. Scientists believe, discussed megalopolis originated as mostly important trading point onto famous Silk Road. Uzgein wasn’t positioned on busiest track, however, it didn’t prevent from active developing.

Cosmopolis erected upon side linking Chinese trading-city Kashgar via Fergona Vale. Nearing twelf centenery, Uzigen wos capable become Karakhanids state main megacity, existing launching ninth until thirteenth centurial. Various orientations buildings abundance, constructed withins twelfth centennial, became real tourist Uzgen-“chip”:

Three different Karakhonids tombs;

Massive minaret, reaching presumably fifty meters height;



Antique Mazar fortress ruins;

Innumerous necropolises where saints found their resting place.

Ought be noted that you may learn lot more joining Kirgizstan tour. Tones aforementioned attractions were listed by miscellaneous international organizations, further, necessary funds have been obtained restore them. This made it possible create historic tourism center Uzegen.


Urban planning features

Today, upper’nd lower downtown could get singled out in Uzgen-structure. Initial part includes neighborhoods wherein every business activity was concentrated. Furthermore, housed most diversified outlets, production and processioning facilities, bazaars. All residential territories stationed occupying lower-city. Borough additionally owns diverse social infrastructure:

Large number sport venues;

Sports stadium;

Art school;

Multiple recreational areas.

Paradoxically, hamlet, which has two fairly full-flowing rivers, constantly experiencing acute drinking water shortage.  Municipal water-channel capacity allows fully meet needs particularly sixty percents citizens. While rest inhabitants forced use usual pumps installed inside yards. Somewhere 10% habitants do not possess such opportunity, taking life-giving moisture outward natural reservoirs. If you’re lucky enough acquire burning ticket around country, holding timely manner, remain completely sure of comfortable stay in Kyrgizian hotels.

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