Township, located between Karakol and Pispeq, was built in 1871. Initially, there have been a few ordinary son-in-law, which stayed travelers. In addition, there was yurt where local inspector lived. However, over years there were new buildings.

Within the middle of nineteenth century, fish-operating industry began developing here. By 1907, more than hundred families dwelled hereabouts. Thanks to fishery, town became financially independent. At 1990th, original name “Fish” was changed to Kyrgyz counterpart Balikchy. Official census counted more than forty thousand inhabitants.

In good weather, you can see mountains peaks surrounding lake. Toward northward therei’s Mountain Kungei, in southern part Mount Terskei. It will not be much difficult come herein. You’re able get here using railway or road transport, joining with Kyrgyzstan tour. Everything available applying traveling company. Detailed information may additionaly be found on our website.

Пик Ленина. Таджикистан