Royal Beach

Royal Beach Hotel is located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Issyk-Kul. A huge natural lagoon, where the water depth in some places reaches more than 600 meters, it does not freeze even in the icy cold, due to the heat accumulated in the water, and fairly high content of salts and minerals for the freshwater pond. Lake Issyk-Kul in its depths keeps a lot of secrets – the ancient city, lost civilizations, lost relics and treasures missing. For the majority of travelers – it is primarily a place where you can enjoy a swim in the clear water, soak in the warmth weightless sand. Hotel Royal Beach – this is one of Kyrgyzstan hotels which can offer not only the cleanest lake waves, and impeccable service.


Comfortable flight Uzbekistan Airways to the city of Bishkek, scenic ride on the shuttle bus to the town of Chok-Tal, and you are surrounded by constant care of the hotel staff and can with feeling and really enjoy all the benefits offered by the Royal Beach. Tour operators Kyrgyzstan recommend it for families with children, there with exceptional attention relate to guests of all ages.


On a large, reasonably well thought-out areas are located not only property, but also one-storey bungalows. Large family clans will be able to find a room for the shower or in the number of tourists in the main body. There is a mansion, consisting of 5 rooms. Standard rooms can accommodate within its walls from one to three guests. It has all the necessary pleasant that make a vacation out of a tolerable in magnificent: heating, television, for those who crave the sound and videophone, even while on vacation, a fridge and a well-equipped bathroom. Became friends with Wi-Fi in public areas can be located on each floor.


At right outside of the door of the hotel there is tempting turquoise splashing waves of Issyk-Kul. Those who prefer to dip in the sand just feet fingers rather than dig will be able to enjoy the gentle touch of the sun’s rays on one of the sun loungers, or take a nap in the shade of spreading lulling umbrellas. Those who do not splashing in the waves, or the expectation of horizontal lazy sunbathing on a sun lounger, can try their hand at beach volleyball or rip tide and to obscure the sky veil shining splashes on a water bike. Inflated and important banana waits large family always ready to dip riders into the cool water.


In one of the two restaurants of tourists waits a variety of local cuisine dishes and the masterpieces of world cuisine. Feed the campers will all put three times – the cost is taken into account when renting accommodation. Refreshments something lighter, try something intoxicating or refreshments can be in one of four bars.


Those who prefer to uncharted depths quite tangible spaces of an artificial lagoon, you can explore the indoor pool. For those who like to have fun, not soaking the feet, there is a pool table, or you can hone their accuracy and response in table tennis.


For those who prefer to combine relaxation with any business undertaking, there is a conference room that can hide in the walls of their fundamentals at the same time up to 700 guests. The hotel is ready with equipment for all kinds of meetings and events.


This hotel is Kyrgyzstan with tenderness and attention applies to the youngest guests. They set aside their indoor pool suitable for young swimmers depth. Outdoors exciting descents lure children slides, swings and all kinds of climbing frame in the playground.