One of the most contemporary ski resorts in Kirghistan tours located only seven kilometers far from settlement. “Karakol” complex has been built upon only among mountain slopes named Terskey Alatau oore than two kilometers high. Skiing resort was built deep within coniferous forest, which creates special micro climate.

Such climate really disposes almost year-round rest. Issyk Kul lake appears the main atmosphere forming element, which never covered with ice. Throughout winters average temperature does not drop five degrees below zero. Summer temperature never exceeds twenty-one degrees. Bright sun shines almost half calendar days during year that became rather good indicator forward placement. Full snowing cover provides running November-April. Nevertheless, this lodge accessible 365 days per year.

During winter season approximately twenty-five various ski tracks taking into account different age and professional skills at vacationers’ service. Snow covers reaching nearly two meters differs with special softness either good cross. Owing these parameters such kind ski resort promptly became popular among tourists keen on active winter sports.

If you do not have your own equipment, e.g. sleigh or snowboards then everybody put up rent them. Numerous excursions onto off-roads through different routes designed over some experience levels held pending summer season. Moreover, visitors can sign up pedestrian or horseback excursion. Those, who accustomed practice their strength, able conquer three thousand meters mountain top.


Skiing peculiarities in complex

Average trails length ranges about four – three thousand m. General difficulty level differentiated green to black. Other important parameters include:

  • Height difference 590-750.
  • Maximum elevation is 3000.
  • Maximum slope level 3040.
  • Highest point exceeds 50%.
  • Highest point stays 740.
  • Minimum bias altogether 7 %.
  • Virgin soil hillside ability.
  • Most runs pass through coniferous forests.
  • Separate hill descent
  • Runs don’t covered by artificial snow.


Guests afford use two lifts getting onto slope top. Elevators will take anybody towards various points:

  • Panoramic;
  • Training;
  • Retracted;


Elevators work from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Gusts will be able rent snowmobile, supposing they don’t want use lifts. Before going upon hills everybody should assess their abilities choosing that descent matching ones experience.


Tourists can always find a lot of interesting things there

Those travelers, who have been there many times pending Kyrgyzstan tour package strongly recommend prepare after trip beforehand. Look numerous photographs, read some reviews either make list foremost must visit places. For example, supposing somebody going further base, they should go beside Boom gorge famous for its beauty.

Holidaymakers afford enjoy magnificent landscape opening off mountainous slopes over gorge. Number off tracks cut snowing cover turns town into real fairy tale. Issyk Kul lake itself situated town’s right side becomes real blue pearl.

Summertime periods hiking fans obtain opportunity enjoy by hike well-known Tien Shan. Tours accompanied vocational guide toward Altyn Arashan altered Jigit peak are also available.

Historical travel fans may go toward national park, where famous traveler N. Przhevalsky found his last rest. His museum stays within same name park, where travelers may see glorified Russian explorer’s stuff. Furthermore, holidaymakers receive opportunity take healing radon fountains tour located twenty km. far against city.

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