Issyk-Kul has always been known not only for its magnificent undomesticated scenery, nevertheless, also for many natural-springs. Altyn-Arashan, located approximatly ten kilometers off Karakola town, was no exception. Therapeutic properties of mentioned fountainhead are praised not just by Kyrgyz, but supplementarily by specialists. That’s why Kyrgyzstan travel agency strongly recommends visiting these places.

Intrinsic source-complex has plenty features

Described geothermal founts main characteristic is large temperature-difference. Upon a fairly limited ground you can find sources whose temperature ranges presumably thirty to fifty degrees. Thise wellsprings differ in their composition.

Ordinary example, hydrogen sulfide headsprings – Duuku, Dilisu. If someone needs radon geyser, evidently, he should go Arashan. Numerous medical studies have shown, healing water from thes headwaters helps with the following diseases types:

Various etymology joint pain;


Digestive disorders;


Altin-Arashan complex’s name, situated in picturesque Alpine valley, translated as “Golden Spring”. Loads vacationers who’ve ben here, don’t get tired of emphasizing undescribable sites beauty. Plenties people think, this resort might be compared with wonderful professional artist creation. Multiplex positioned at an altitude three kilometer. Within instant vicinity stands Tent peak.

Getting to sanatorium isn’t easy

Travellers who want relax herein, must overcome steep climb, taking almost five hours. Road begins southward Aroshan, running throughout canyon, where anyone would discover different headstreams great variety. For most ways starting plain toward sanitarium everyone supposed move through national nature reserve Arashen territory.

Locals state, this passage can’t be attributed to easyly walk in shady forest. First, majorityt routes belongs to really difficult routes. Secondly, ascent steepness could make good muscle strain even experienced athlete. Third, way part passes across forests, wherein tones wild hungry animals, such as bears, live. Wether it doesn’t frighten, then boldly join with Kyrgyzian tour. On way up you’re having chance visit museum, presenting best place fauna samples. If you don’t leave after this rise, you can rise yet higher. Little above health-resort there’s famous cave Kyzyl-Tash and immediate mountain top, which height exceeds five thousand meters. Being at mountaintop, everybody capable easily watch innumerous canyons at bottom:

Koi Jailoo;




Voyagers should take care of especial documents availability

Persons wishing cruise hereabout must obtain special permits. These document give right journey in area three to ten days.  Local authorities made sure that tourists didn’t experience problems with necessary documents-registration.

There are countless varying complexity hiking trails. Prevalent allow you see mountains gorgeousness, valleys and ravines. If like leisurely walks, go promenade along Lake Ala-Kul. It’s important note, on your way may be met snow, which hereabouts lies till calendar summer beginning. Despite given feature, nice possibility take baths inside thermal geysers all year round.

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