Nature reserves and parks

MANJYLY ATA VALLEYNature reserves and parks is a place, which local people consider sacred because of the legend about old curer Manjyly, who was buried in this area. The valley lies among two villages in kaolin hills and irrigated by several watercourses with curative waters, which have special taste. Some people travel to the mazar with a purpose of healing, but tourist come to see this valley because of its look. Anyway, this mazar is worth seeing with Kyrgyzstan group tours.


Nature reserves and parks _01 TASH RABAT CARAVANSERAI

Once upon a time this historical place near the small town was a shelter for travelers and merchants from Chui to Fergana valleys. The 15 century building is well preserved in original state at the 3200 meters altitude




Nature reserves and parks _02

The gorgeous landscape of this valley attracts tourists and pilgrims from the nearest city. The turquoise lake and fast running river compliment the great view of this narrow rich with spruce trees, herbs and berries, including; honeysuckle, mountain ash, barberry and wild rose.



Nature reserves and parks _03GUMBEZ OF MANAS

This building is medieval mausoleum of ancient ruler of this region, decorated with inscriptions and family patterns. The monument built by the best architects and masters of that time is a real masterpiece and leading attraction for travelers and local people



DUNGAN MOSQUENature reserves and parks _04

This mosque with distinctive architectural style built by Chinese architect and his best masters is leading attraction for travelers and local people. This building decoration with figures and images of animals and plants looks amazing, including; dragons, fabulous animals and dreamlike plants.


Nature reserves and parks _05KEL-SUU LAKE

This lake in a small province near the border is a rock fall result. The water level in this lake changes during the season and depends on the ice or snow amount, melting from the mountains. The color of the water also changes from deep green to light blue in different times of the year. Travelers can take a breath and go for a row through this lake.



Nature reserves and parks _06

This park on the range slope was established with a purpose to protect and preserve rare species of plants and animals habitation. The park’s territory is full of juniper trees and appropriate for different activities in the open air



Nature reserves and parks _06SARY CHELEK LAKE

This lake on the ranges boundary is the deepest in Kyrgyzstan. The old legend tells about one hiver, who placed beehives near the amazing lake shore and when he got honey, it was of beautiful gold color, so this is how the lake got yellow barrels name. This lake is surrounded with reserve, established with a purpose to preserve rare plants and animals.


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