Kyrgyz wild-nature has always attracted the attention of not only numerous tourists from different parts of our planet, but also innumerable specialists. A truly fabulous multifarious representatives variety of animal and plant-world, living in lakes, bay-meadows or in steppe, causes genuine interest amid those who seek to know environment. It is’n worth forgetting about  countless shrubs, age-old trees, so on – all this allows constantly increase number of Kyrgyzstan tours and visiting travellers.

Kyrgizstan plant world is rich in curiosities multiplicity

Today, more than three thousend higher and lower plants exemplars can be found in country. Wild, medicinal-herbs, which species conglomeration exceeds figure two hundred, have long become real commonwealth visit card. Among most famous medicin herbs in Kirgyzstan included:
Karakol aconite;
St. John s wort;
Buckthorn, so forth.

Following classifications include plants list that have important properties for state’s economy:
Salt marsh;
Fergana euphorbia, so on.

If someone goes to southern province regions, he could see frankly unique nut forests. In this natural reserves available determine omnifarious rare trees types:
Sogda plum;
Siver apple-tree;
Korzhinsk pear;
Cherry Tian Shan;
Almond tree.

In order preserve, likewise enlarge localic flora-species diversity, local authorities had created mostly protected vegetations checklist:
Tulipa Greig;
Tien Shen spruce;
Kaufman’s tulip;
Semenov fir;
Kopakowski tulips.

Kyrgyztan animals world features

Country-fauna supplementarily differs in its assortment. Official figures show that using Kirgizia tour packages may detect subsequent categories:
Approximatly 1.5 tousand invertebrates;
Nearly four hundred bird sorts;
Eighty-three mammals breeds;
Seventy-five fish generations;
More than ten thousands insects-species, furthermore single-celled creatures;
Thirty-three reptiles-species;
Five amphibians-species.

Nature lovers, who risk climbing toword mountaintop 3.5 thousand meters, will be able meet really unprecedented country’s wildlife exemplifications:
Silver ware;
Grey groundhog;
Narrow-skull poutry .
Walking through picturesque alpine-meadows, anyone might easily encounter real brown bear, hare, mountain goat, etc. Despite fact that for majority mammels such heights exorbitant, here we able find marmots or narrow-skuls. Height more than four kilometers was conquered by various aberrant birds specie:
Alpine mountains finch;
Red-breasted mountain-tail;
Alpin tick;
Blue dove;
Big bullfinch.

Threshold five kilometer was subdued by predatory leopards, including snow goats. It should additionally be noted that country-authorities continuously work conserve endangered species-classes in sovereign-country. For example, lynx, deer, snow leopard, many others have long been national Red Book. If you’re interested in information, please contact Kyrgyzian travel agency for acquiring trip tickets.

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