Stunning suggestion from Kyrgyzstan travel agency is already available to everyone who wants spend their holidays in  pristine nature condition. This parkland first mention dates back to 1996, when new conservation area was opened in Talas region. Nowdays, woodland total territory exceeds 30,000 hectares. Grassland stretches almost thirty kilometers along same name river current streaming. Today you can discover a large truly rare species number here, animals and vegetation, such as Himalayan vulture, beards, so on.

The reserve, located at an altitude nearly four kilometer, surrounded on three sides by numerous mountains-ranges. Majestic riverstream Beshi Tosh descends down mountains, which constantly fueled by huge mountain glaciers. River dividing national-park into many islets, creates unique ecosystem where you can meet different animal, unordinary birds. Thanks such generous naturalic gift, local province has always been popular amid multitudinous domesticated, likewise foreign tourists.

Federal recreation ground natural diversity features

Innumerable domestic, furthermore international scientific expeditions, which were engaged in these places study, on Besh-Tash State-Park terrain were able find many unique flora species:

More than eight hundred divergent flora-world representatives;

Two plenitude assorted trees types: pine, pic, elm, birch, so on;

Four dozen shrubs, etc;

More than loads multifarious vegetations included in Native Red Book.

Attention deserves not only flora, but also, this reserve’s fauna. Among entire nature-reserve there are:


Mountaineous sheep;

Snow leopard;





Arhar, so forth.

Another Kyrgiz public-park “Bash Taesh” “highlight” is its location. At highness approximatly three kilommeters one country’s most beautiful pearls situated. There’s additionally same-name lake, which maximum depth reaches thirty meters. Travelers who have visited shores, note special water turquoise shade.

All travellers conditions created in nation-park

Every year this forest-park vacationed by hundreds voyagers not only from Kyrgizstan, but further from other countries. In order provide comforted accommodations, local authorities took care of necessary infrastructure. Number of comfortable Kyrgyz hotels will help you relax feeling true cosiness. At same time, it’s worth noting that hundreds various tent camps, positioned in nationwide-park, had been set up in full harmony with environment.

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