Кухня киргизии

Kyrgyz food is very similar to eastern and Muslim countries as meat dishes are very popular and mostly prepared from mutton, beef and horse. Farm animals, including goats, sheep, cows, horses and yaks are cultivated all over the country. Livestock breeding is an important part of people’s lifestyle, especially in regions and, of course this occupation influenced much on traditional cuisine. Meat dishes often come with rice, potatoes and noodles garnishes. Hot black or green tea is traditional drink, served to every meal. Traditional cuisine recipes have passed from one generation to another, but some of dishes have neighboring country’s origin and now, god bless popular in Kyrgyzstan tour package.


Plov is very popular and flavored Uzbek originated dish with distinctive ingredients. Fried meat, onions and carrots mixed and steamed with rice in qazan, special pot for frying and boiling.




Lagman is a flavored dish, prepared from meat and vegetables with different spices. This dish served with broth and noodles in contradistinction to Boso lagman, which prepared from similar products, but fried and served without broth.




Monty is very popular national dish among locals and tourists. The dough filled with chunks of meat, fat and onions prepared in special pots for steaming, but sometimes fried in oil.



Besh Barmak is popular national dish, prepared by people, who travel from place to place to find the fresh pasture for farm animals. Boiled and cut thin pieces of mutton or horse meat put on hot noodles. The steaming meat broth served aside in drinking bowls



Borsok is small cut dough, fried in a deed fat fryer, mostly prepared on holidays as desert. This sweet dish usually served polished with sugar powder or with custard





Samsy Киргизские блюда. Туры в Киргизиюis national dish, popular among locals and tourists, prepared in tandoor, special stove made of clay. The small pieces of dough filled with chunks of meat or potato, fat and onions are baked in oven.




Oromo Киргизские блюда. Туры в Киргизиюis very common dish, especially in local homes, but travelers can find this dish in national cuisine’s restaurants. The dough layers filled with chunks of fat, meat and vegetables, including; onions, carrots pumpkin and potato, usually prepared in special pots for steaming. This flavorful dish served with tomato or sour cream sauce and eaten whiles it hot



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