Numerous tourists remember that on planet there is Dead-Sea, where high salt concentration in water doesn’t allow to drown therein. There’s almost similar attraction within Kyrgyzstan – Kara-Kol, which can be translated as Lifeless salt-lake. This reservoir located seventy kilometers from village Balikchi. Innumerable water-samples have shown, especial salts concentrations, likewise other trace elements help accelerate countless skin-diseases healing.

Dead-Lake therapeutic effect

Ideal option is observe Kyrgizstan tour agency contacts on our website, furthermore find out about available trips. After all, rest should be diverse plus informative. Special love, constant travellers trust had won multitudinous deadened salt-pond silt muds. They were formed as a innumerous microorganisms life result. Black, green, blue dirt’s contemplated one of the most powerful natural envigorating products, each  used to treat variety diseases types:

Blacky mud used for ailments associated with musculoskeletal system;

Blue-dirt may improve skin condition;

Green-mud helps heal gynecological plan disorders.

Every year this touristic complex visited by many voyagers who want take curative mud-baths. Among local residents goes legend thet aqua itself considered reinvigoration here. That’s why plenties dare drink some seawater off lough. Despite this common version, scientists’ve not yet been able perceive sufficient evidence conclude, there no nutrients in liquid.

Lake-pond, positioned upon Issyk-Kul right bank, has coastline stretching more than one an’ half kilometer long. Maximum lake’s depth, water-area which mirror approximatly eighty-six hectares, reaches eleven meters. Highest salt-agglomeration inside lakewater makes it impossible study reservoir-basin bottom. However all this does not prevent majority travelers come herein, going from one waterbody to another, enjoying insipid, then salt-liquid. If you decide visit several places in country, Kyrgyzian hotels always happy welcome anyone, ready provide mostly comfortable rooms.

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