Not every place in Kyrgizstan boasts a constant demand among numerous tourists, and those who’s taken advantage of Kyrgyzstan travel package by contacting company, annually coming towards the country, although famous Kyrgyz Ridge is an exception. Located within northwest commonwealth, for most part administratively belongs to Kirgyzstan. Its entire length exceeds four hundred kilometers. Highest point here Semyonova-Tian-Shansky peak, situated at altitude 4,875 thousand kilommeters. Total glaciers territory herein oversteps five hundreds square kilometer.

Surrounding landscapes formation features

Much that can be found hereabouts today naturalic processes consequence:

Weathering caused innumerable scree;

Tectonic plates movement has had active impact onto mountain ranges formating.

Multitudinous rivers, gradually washed away, took direct participation in localic landscape forming. Countless rocks, taking them away toward valleys, gorges.

Mountain-range climate characteristics

Experts say, weather-conditions upon Kyrgiz-Ridge are largely determined by geographical these places and relief attributes. All this causes significant fluctuations, humidity levels contrast, general temperature in different sites Kyrgyz-Ridge. For example, in winter, icy Siberian winds widespread hither. In warm-time, Siberien wind replaced by air masses from Western Siberia southern half. As rule, they bring increase in thermalstate and complete precipitation – up to 7,600 millimetres per year. Years observations show that maximum precipitations reached hereabout May, likewise minimum – September. If you’re still going on trip, rest assured, Kyrgyzian tour operators will tell everyone how act according to weather circumstances.

Kyrgizian Ridges natural diversity

Incalculable regional flora’nd fauna representatives deserve special attention. It’s not hard see that ridge-slopes long covered with real centuries-old icecaps carpet. At same period, southern-part hillside hides only small echoes, once upon time there was icing therein.

Kirgyz ridgehead teeming with inexhaustible bubbling mountains river-streams, which slope overpasses almost six meters. Their main recharge source glacier, snow or rain. Unfortunately, local ponds plenary area not greatly impressive, nevertheless each them genuine wholesome masterpiece. Lakes, exclusively differ in milky emerald hue shade importance, request especial attentiveness – Alamedin Gorge lake. Looking at Kyrgiez ridgeheads peculiarities, it’s easy imagine like you’re on some fantastic island. Every turn conceals magical wildlife variety, well as lots mesmerizing contrasts.

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