Kyrgyzstan, capital Bishkek, located northeastern Central Asia fraction; covering Pamir-Altai either Tien Shan chains part. Country boundaries mainly pass along rivers featuring mountainous ranges, some townships descending to plains Fergana, Talas, Chui valleys. Local currency Som considered only legal tender. Nevertheless, in some cases, like: payments for hotels accommodation, alpine ascents organization, tracking dollars are acceptable.


Republic flag represents red cloth, symbol courage and valor. Cloth center is yellow color sun image- symbol wealth either peace. Within sun a symbolic national Kyrgyz yurt image personifying Motherland world.


Kyrgyzstan appears most picturesque spot during Central Asia travel, where more than 90% territory seems covered by mountains what causes diversity natural landscapes, climatic conditions, flora, fauna.


Kyrgyz Republic has enormous stock off water resources: 2000 lakes, within 7 large river basins there are over 28 thousand rivers. Kirgizstan’s non-freezing year-round pearl is stunning Issyk-Kul, where annually not only Commonwealth countries residents come, but people from other countries


Kirghiz cities:

One most beautiful largest resort cities on Issyk-Kul lake seem Karakol-Przhevalsk, which disposed beside mouth Karankol River, at foot Terskey Ala-Tao ridge. This placement, situated into picturesque area, all tourists’ favorite sight, both within country also guests from neighboring republics.


City was founded like administrative county center in 1869 under staff captain Baron Kaulbars. Though, in 1888 town was renamed Przhevalsk honor famous Russian traveler scientist N. M Przewalski death beside old placement. Great scientist honor, memorial erected upon coast highest part, surrounded by park including museum together burial site. Only beyond gaining independence Karakol returned historical name.

Today Karakal looks fairly modern city, containing wide extensive social infrastructure, institutes, university, rail, road transport.

Main capital sunny Bishkek, disposed at an altitude 750 meters above sea level. Metropolis history begins under 7th century, after founding this area habitation Jules, better known Blacksmithing Fortress.

Nowadays, Bishkek Kirghizstan tourism became young prosperous with clear districts architectural layout. Favorite vacation spot for residents and guests supposed centre; after all that museums, squares, parks, squares, galleries, cafes, restaurants concentrated. There are 11 museums, 7 theaters altogether. Ancient architecture fans can visit cultural zone, which situated near Tokmak townsip. According scientists, northern settlement of Turkic state once located here.


Downtown Park “under open sky” sculptures museum placed: along parkland paths, alleys, other places, just on green lawns, even trees aside you can see number off creations made out stone, wood, metal.

Osh appears oldest town throughout whole Middle East. Earliest mention dates back towards eleventh century our era, but according X centenary historical map it had many caravan routes intersection. Currently, main tourist attractions Osh considered resort areas featuring reserves. Furthermore, worth highlighting Bazaar, described many guidebooks, most colorful vibrant throughout Middle East. Not far from bazaar rises country’s biggest mosque Shaid Tepa, capacity up 5,000 believers.

Jalal-Abad counts third largest economic also region administrative centre. Due to proximity Great Silk Road directions, it known as convenient resting place, transit point. Subsequently, settlement began grow, crafts development laid foundation for creation numerous small enterprises. Here, upon mineral sources basis real vocational paradise arose, agriculture, food industry began develop actively.

Currently, Jala-Abad becomes completely modern industrial, involving well-developed social infrastructure. Its primary income source is oil refining joint venture. Nevertheless, tourists go visit places such as Jala-Abad vocational spot, Sary-Chelek biosphere reserve, walnut forests, unique monument-mausoleum Shah-Fazil.

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