If the long-awaited vacation is designed to not only bring holiday mortal body, but also generously bestow his health, then the best option would be undoubtedly Sanatorium-dispensary Kazakhstan. Azure, the crystal clear waters of Issyk-Kul lake, fresh mountain air, filled with invigorating aromas, the unique climate – all this creates an ideal environment to not only pass required procedures, but with a sense of enjoy them. The turquoise water column Issyk-Kul hides many unknown and mysterious – extinct civilization, forgotten treasures and ancient relics and ruined cities that are now inhabited only fish but divers.


To find yourself in this fabulous location, make sufficient flight Uzbekistan Airways to the city of Bishkek, and then transfer or any form of transport to get to the famous town of Cholpon-Ata, so that, in addition to all kinds of entertainment on site, you will find many restaurants, charming shops and even an amusement park. Tour operator Kyrgyzstan recommend this resort to those who. In addition to a simple holiday, I would like to get even and treatment. Kazakhstan The resort plays host to guests who experience respiratory problems, suffer from the difficulties caused by the nervous system, or suffer from ailments caused by the circulatory system. Positively affects access to the hotel and on those who are not okay with the skin.


The territory, full of greenery and well-thought-out zones for active sports and recreation, intended to set up guests on a relaxing mood. For health is not getting any rest in spartan conditions, everything, including the area of ​​housing and accommodation, thoughtful to the last detail. Can accommodate both cases, and in separate cottages that offer a little more privacy. The cozy rooms have everything you need, from the wonderful furniture to such important details that are important even during the holidays, TV, refrigerator can accommodate a lot of goodies and a spacious bathroom.


Around the pension is a set of institutions, but tasty and healthy meals can be taken care of and in a local restaurant, the benefit that the food three times a day is included in the cost of accommodation in the room. It serves Asian and European dishes, which are prepared only from natural and extremely fresh ingredients. Skilled chefs and wonderful ways of cooking are not deprived of food tasteless and essential vitamins. Something simpler can be enjoyed at one of the bars. And in the phyto-bar await guests exclusively healthy and useful drinks.


In addition to all sorts of treatments, health spa is ready to offer its guests a manmade lagoon pool, which is so nice to dip early in the morning or after a long day. Nearby is the gym, which even during a relaxing holiday, guests will be able to maintain itself in an unchanged form.


If you are a fan of team sports, then at the hotel you can jump for volleyball ball, to test their accuracy in basketball or bring to the filigree supply, testing the strength of canvas tennis court. Nearby there is a special town with sport equipment. Those who prefer a pedestrian walks dashing cycling can rent iron friend.


Travellers who prefer adventurous and fun adventure can go for a horse ride and fascinating journey into the uncharted corners of the mountain Lake Issyk-Kul. For those who want to test themselves on the strength and density, there are many mountain rivers with rapids and lots of trails.


Accommodation in the sanatorium does not mean that the guests need to deprive yourself of the joys of the beach. The snow-white sand spit, where comfortable loungers can be covered with an even bronze tan or take shelter under the umbrella of shade-giving welcome with a fascinating book, is designed for lovers of heat. For those who would prefer something more active there are beach volleyball and football. Sparkling water Issyk-Kul can be explored by boat or small pleasure boats. More intrepid waiting walk on water skis or flying with a parachute. Feel the real speed can be zealous riding a scooter. To study the treasures hidden in the bottom of the Issyk-Kul, is rented scuba gear.


For the convenience of the guests, who, even on vacation does not break away from his business, the hotel has several conference rooms. If you need some equipment for meetings and events, it is always possible to take from the hotel staff.