Hotel Caprice is located just a few hundred meters from the Issyk-Kul Lake, famous for its waters of the lake that never touched the silver armor of ice. In transparent waters of the lake is so nice ride on a pleasure steamer, trying to see through the water column spiers of lost cities and mysterious shadows sunken temples.


Wonderful Hotel Caprice, located near Lake Issyk-Kul, tempts its visitors with exceptional quality combined with eastern hospitality. Unhindered flight Uzbekistan Airways to the capital of Kyrgyzstan and a short ride on the shuttle bus or public transport, and you are under the arches of the cozy welcoming hotel. Tour operators Kyrgyzstan recommend it for families with children or large companies, where you can find accommodation in all categories and at any price.


Emerald, covered with dense natural vegetation area accommodates a hotel, apartment complex and several houses, where guests a truly home comfort. The interior rooms are extremely well thought out, so that guests do not get bored, the room has a TV, fridge and a good tea, including the dishes.


A short walk to the beach and you may find yourself in a snow-white sandy spit, where you can dig into the soft dust of sand, build sand castles and zealously jumping with volleyball ball or fight in beach football. The luxurious lounger can be covered with an even tan, and in the shade of a spreading umbrella lazily dozing. Those who would like to enjoy a bright and sunny freshness spray, waiting, idly swinging at a pier for boats. You can rip tide and to obscure the sky veil shining splashes on a water bike. It offers a fascinating trip on the “banana” for fun family companies. The hotel is equipped a boathouse, where guests are waiting for boats and boats.Immediately the wind and wave can windsurfing. On the beach you can take a look of joy and altitude parachute.


The restaurant not only offers free meals three times a day, because the cost is taken into account in the price per room, but excellent in quality dishes of Russian and Asian cuisine. In the preparation of dishes using only natural products, purchased on local farms, so that the proposed goodies are not only tasty, but also characterized by exceptional utility. In addition to the stunning dishes delight guests amazing views from the restaurant. Refreshments something light can be at a local bar and drink at the same time treat something refreshing or firewater.


On the site you can find a wonderful swimming pool, located in the open air. For those who prefer to have fun, not soaking the feet, there is a pool table, or you can hone their accuracy and response in table tennis. More complex exercise expect the fans to run the ball in the big tennis. Courts are available with a professional firm covering.


In addition, in a shady park, you can relish jump ball for volleyball, work out in the hit basketball. There is even a special town beach with sports shells. The very territory of the hotel Kyrgyzstan and scenic surroundings, you can travel all over the bicycle.


Those who prefer a more adventurous adventure can go for a horse ride and fascinating journey into the uncharted corners of the mountain Lake Issyk-Kul.


On the coast, for bath treatments fans installed a sauna, where a good warm up his mortal body, you can swim in the cold waters.


For the impatient kids in public open spaces can find a great site where dizzying swings and the race will take a long time for young guests, famous for his restlessness. Older children can work with a professional trainer and learn the skills of swimming, football and volleyball.