Cafes and restaurants

кафе и рестораны Киргиз


Tyubeteyka, Bishkek    

This restaurant is a great place for friends and relatives meeting. The dishes are rather expensive, but the food made from fresh and natural products is delightful. Tourists with Kyrgyzstan tour package and local people can listen singers performances and dance, but if you want quite and romantic atmosphere, private cabins are available.


Hyatt, Bishkek

This bar and buffet in the hotel with the same name offers best coffee drinks including dark filtered coffee, espresso, cappuccino and others. Breakfasts and brunches are also available, accompanied with light jazz, played by talented musicians.




Cyclone, Bishkek

This restaurant of Italian cuisine is a popular place among locals and travelers. The menu is rather rich and variable including different kinds of pasta and pizza, risotto, raviolis and special offer from local chief. Quite atmosphere and nice interior design attract people from all over the city, familiar with Italian food.



Coffee, Bishkek

This popular café offers a great variety of coffee drinks, as it obviously from the name and interior. The café has the widest selection of coffee for seasonable price, tea and snacks.




Prego Club, Bishkek

This Italian restaurant in the heart of Asian city is popular place among local people and tourists. The menu is rich and interesting and the interior designed in cozy warm colors with coaches, chairs and furniture made from wood. The large variety of dishes includes pasta, pizza, steaks and grilled vegetables, vegetarian and Asian food.


Peking duck, Bishkek

The café’s name clearly tells about the main and most popular dish in the menu, which prepared consistently with old method of cooking. The Chinese chef prepares this king’s duck using apricot and peach trees, different souses and spices to get the special taste and color of this perfect dish.

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