Blue Issyk-Kul

For those who would prefer to spend your vacation on the azure waters of Issyk-Kul, with health benefits from all the Kyrgyz hotel best suited resort Blue Issyk-Kul, located on the northern coast of the island. In addition to the life-giving influence of the local climate, crystal-clear water in its purity and excellent air filled with the freshness of the surrounding mountain ranges, Blue Issyk-Kul can pamper their guests with all sorts of treatments designed to restore the health of the mortal body, and the spirit of the great mood. Lake Issyk-Kul in its depths keeps a lot of secrets – the ancient city, lost civilizations, lost relics and treasures missing.


Only flight Uzbekistan Airways to the capital city of Bishkek, non-burdensome transfer to the town of Cholpon-Ata, separates you from the hospitable walls of the resort Blue Issyk-Kul. Kyrgyz tour operators are advised to choose this location for those people who, in addition to rest, still required and treatment. This Kyrgyzstan pay special attention to the respiratory organs, the difficulties associated with the nervous system, and difficulties with the circulatory system. Local therapy is intended for those who are dissatisfied with the condition of their skin.


In addition to admiring the magnificent scenery you can undergo treatment, which involves the use of a variety of baths, which include herbal, mineral, oxygen, and even one in which carbon dioxide is used. In addition guests are pampered by various massages, indulge a variety of showers. To improve the state of mortal shell, apply mud wraps. In general, the state should positively affect physical therapy and a variety of inhalation.


On the site there are sources of curative mud and mineral water, which are used in the treatment of guests.


Stunning scenery and sensitively-designed green area is not configures boasts a serious mood. Here, think not only about health, but also on how to get it was in a very comfortable environment. Several buildings are set aside for accommodation. Here you can find not only all the necessary pleasant that make a vacation out of a tolerable in magnificent: heating, television, for those who crave the sound and videophone, even while on vacation, a fridge and tea.


As expected, in the wonderful health resort exactly three times a day after many hungry guests procedures offer excellent dishes of European and local cuisine. For the preparation of various dishes are used exclusively natural products, which are subject to special treatment in the hands of skilled cooks, not only to satisfy the guests, but also add them health. Snack or try something not as useful as possible in the local bar. Phyto-bar is designed to carry only the health of its visitors.


The two pools, one of which is intended for the winter time, and therefore is in the room, and the other open to the sun and fine weather you can relax after the procedures. For those in the rest of the water element does not want special classes. Build muscle and just enough exercise can be at a local gym.


In addition, in a shady park, you can relish jump ball for volleyball, work out in the hit basketball or run, honing and filing istaptyvaya tennis court. There is even a special town with sport equipment.


For fans of outdoor recreation organize wonderful picnics, where you can taste a real barbecue at one of the mountain gorges.


And for a pleasant stay with the treatment in no way affiliated has turquoise expanse of Lake Issyk-Kul. You can simply enjoy a lazy stay on the beach, or build entire cities and pure sand castles. Apart from swimming in the clear waves, here you can find everything for water sports. Fans of family entertainment suitable banana boating. For those who love speed and billions of spray – fast boats, jet skis and motorcycles. You can practice windsurfing. For those who would like to take a look at the richness of the underwater world of the Issyk-Kul closer, there aqualung. A real fisherman prefers to fish out, and not to look can recover fishing. Nearby is the marina, where blowing fun, go on a boat tour.


For fans of the more thoughtful holiday a library, a cinema and even a concert hall. In the pension there is also a number of conference rooms, where vacationers, business-minded can make the necessary appointments, or get hold of the necessary equipment, it is nice to spend a vacation, not looking up from the pressing affairs.