Dolinka The hotel offers a romantic holiday on the enchanting Lake Issyk-Kul, where the entire territory if designed for a comfortable and full of charm holiday. Great restaurant with a fireplace, several lovely pavilions, bestowing guests with privacy, open veranda with a large fireplace and elegant folded fireplace will create an incredible atmosphere for a family vacation. Rocking chairs and swings, which curled so pleasant to contemplate the beauty of the lake, will be a perfect entourage for your vacation.


To get to this wonderful Kyrgyzstan hotel need only make a comfortable flight Uzbekistan Airways to the Kyrgyz capital, and from there take a shuttle or get public transport (train and bus) to the village of Kara-Oy. For detailed instructions on how to go to the hotel can be found on its website. A short trip is more than compensated by the cosiness and comfort that gives Dolinka hotel. Besides low cost of living here allow you to find even cheaper tour. Tour operator Kyrgyzstan advised to stop here for large companies and family clans – lots of fun and comfortable accommodations provide the perfect environment for relaxing and a great friendly group.


The cozy rooms are equipped with all the little things that definitely need to tourists on holiday: heating, television, regularly broadcasting your favorite programs, a refrigerator that can be filled with all sorts of goodies and all the tea.


The famous clear waters and natural beauty of the Issyk-Kul draws snow-white expanse of sunny beaches, which can be uniformly coated with a bronze color in the light of the UV rays on one of the sun loungers or doze in the shade of spreading lulling umbrellas. In addition to building strong structures of delicate sand, or just a leisurely stroll along the edge of the research tide, visitors can try their hand at beach volleyball. And on the water vacationers will find many fun entertainments, requiring sportsmanship or just good mood and desires of active fun. For the first banana, a scooter and a dashing flight under a parachute and second jute water skiing, windsurfing and so on.


Cost of food is already taken into account when paying for accommodation, and therefore cannot in themselves nothing denying three times a day regularly indulge his mortal body in various dishes of local cuisine and masterpieces of European cuisine. The local restaurant is famous for its exceptional skill in cooking a variety of dishes, as well as beautiful scenery. Feast you’ll be overlooking the breathtaking expanse of Lake Issyk-Kul. Light snack, a variety of drinks, refreshing and lulling, can be found at a local bar.


Those who came to Kyrgyzstan on business, please the availability of meeting rooms, as well as all kinds of equipment designed to facilitate business meetings.


Younger guests of the hotel entices fun playground where with new friends is so much fun swinging on a swing, to conquer the heights of various Swedish walls move out smartly and down steep hills. And in bad weather you can hide in a carefully designed children’s room, where a huge number of toys collected.