Many tourists, especially those who have been on Kirgizstan tours do not tire of repeating that Chon-Kemin gorge and vale are truly unforgettable places to relax. Here is indeed unique natural-complex, including gulch, beautiful full-flowing river Chan-Kemin, dale. The water-complex also includes seven scenic lakes located in specially protected chang-Kemin nature-complex.

Natural compilation situated almost one hundred fifty kilometers off country capital. Ravine, which additionally nationalic reserve part, approximately six kilometre wide, twelf killometres long. Lowland known as home to multiple spruce forests flood meadows. Numerous glaciers stationed on mountains tops give especial charm to these sites.

National Natural-Park – Kyrgyzstan jewel

Undoubtedly, thise locations frankly memorable attraction eponymous nation-park, which total territory exceeds five hundreds hectares. Parkland first opened its doors in 1997, when Government decided establish preserved sanctuary around area. For example, within woodland you can discover really rare individuals:

Pine-needles – effedra;


Pheasant, etc.

If someone likes observing nature in its original form, then there’s incomparable opportunity observe flora’n fauna inside naturalic habitat. Special microclimate hereabouts created by mountain-ranges, closing greensward across three sides. Thanks to such caring nature’s attitude, at esplanade bottom, positioned at an altitude 1.5 kilommeters, ther’s mild, warm climate, and at  elevation 4.7 killometer – permafrost.

Extreme rest fans will comparatively be able find herein lot interesting things for themselves. It’s time contact Kirgiz travel agency, likewise enjoy wonderfulful treasure trove. Every year thousand travellers from different countries come over-here raft on stormy mountain rivers, climb steep slopes or simply admire magnificent scenery thet was lovingly generated by wildlife itself.

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